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Makeup, modeling, and eyelash extension

workshops and training by Ducky.

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From intimate one-on-one makeup classes to lash extension certification, model coaching, follow-up training, and more! Ducky will show you all the tips and tricks that come with years of experience in the industry.

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As a professionally trained and certified Master Lash Artist, an internationally published Makeup Artist, and licensed Esthetician Ducky has developed a vast array of skills over the years. From how to correctly use makeup brushes to the proper application of eyelash extensions and perfecting your skincare routine, Ducky wants to show you what she's learned and how you can use these tips and tricks in your daily life. Follow up training, first-time certification, or just a quick refresher course, these intimate sessions allow clients to learn and train in a light-hearted yet highly educational environment. Get in touch with Ducky using the link below to learn more about her training opportunities or book your session today!


Ready to take your talents to the next level? Use the link below to book a training session with Ducky and get started!


Want to become a certified lash extension artist? Ducky is proud to offer full-service training courses to licensed estheticians. Use the link below to learn more.



Workshops with Ducky can be a fun way to build your skill set, learn new techniques, and venture into unfamiliar fields. One-on-one sessions or group classes, these lighthearted lessons make learning fun.

Learn more about upcoming fun and informative special workshops by Ducky.


These exclusive workshops have limited availability, follow the links below to sign up today!



This unique workshop will teach you styling techniques, attitude, and posing in a fun and laid-back retro atmosphere. Focused on hot rod and custom car culture, models will receive tips and training on makeup, hair, and posture to cultivate the classic pin-up look with a modern twist. Culminating in a live photo session with Durte Designs featuring unique hot-rods in a festive, block-party atmosphere including food, drink, and music. Use the link below to get in touch with Ducky and reserve your slot now! 




When Ducky puts on a workshop, she makes sure her students have everything they need to successfully apply their skills in real life. Whether learning a new technique, brushing up on old ones, or diving into an entirely new art form, you are in good hands with Ducky.

These continuous workshops are always available to help you improve your skills.


Availability on a first-come first-serve basis, follow the links below to sign up today!


This fun and informative workshop will show you techniques, trade secrets, and insider knowledge gained over years of experience. Bring your own kit and learn how to use what you already own, in ways you may never have imagined! This intimate experience is absolutely judgment-free and no prior experience is necessary. Learn how to perfect your look and shave valuable time off your makeup routine. Use the link below to get in touch with Ducky and reserve your slot now! 


Workshops are a fun way to learn new skills, train yourself in new fields, and grow your talents. Follow the link below to get in touch with Ducky about her workshops.

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Ducky offers a group workshop in a fun and educational learning environment designed to introduce you to some of her favorite new products, and show you how to correctly apply them to create your perfect look. Students begin the class equipped with a goodie bag of essentials and after the session they leave with the knowledge and confidence to create a professional quality look in minutes at home. The group environment allows discussion and interaction between students, and encourages growth through inspiration of one another. Use the link below to get in touch with Ducky and sign up for the next session!

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