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Learn more about the woman behind the magic.

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Meet Ducky

Ducky Suboreau is an award-winning professional Makeup Artist, Trainer, Model Coach, and licensed esthetician with over 10 years of experience honing her craft all over the Bay Area and beyond. She gets the ultimate high from making you feel confident in yourself and showing your true beauty to the world. Be it a video shoot, casual evening out, seductive boudoir session, or high fashion catwalk event; Ducky always puts her heart and soul into her work. Specializing in beauty, editorial, special effects, and wedding makeup, Ducky is always ready and excited to take on new projects! Working with countless photographers and videographers over the years she has proved herself an invaluable asset on set in all things beauty related. She is as passionate about makeup as she is about life and her main goal as your makeup artist is to make sure you leave feeling refreshed with a new found love for yourself, and enough confidence to take on the world!


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Ready to book Ducky as your artist, coach or trainer? Get in touch using the link below to start the conversation!

You might be wondering where the name Ugly Duckling Beauty Artistry came from. Why would a makeup artist dedicated to beautification name her business after the old fairy tale of the Ugly Duckling? Just as the baby bird in the story, Ducky was all too familiar with being the "Ugly Duckling" in her younger years. As she dealt with rejection and struggled with acceptance her driving force became allowing others to see themselves in a new and beautiful light, just as the Ugly Duckling was able to blossom into a beautiful swan. She wants nothing more than to see you smile when you look in the mirror and realize your true beauty. Having received her first professional makeup services at the age of 15, she will never forget the feeling of looking in the mirror with the new found confidence of a beautiful swan and her mission is to pass that feeling on to you! Even if you feel like the Ugly Duckling sometimes, Ducky will show you that you ARE fierce, you ARE gorgeous, and you ARE a swan;it's the truth.

Her Mission


Follow the link below to view the portfolio and check out more of Ducky's recent work.


Use the link below to get in touch with Ducky and have all your questions answered. 

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